Since the sensor uses a low range frequency at 915MHz, you won’t have to worry about swapping the battery for a while. A: If no motion is detected within 30 minutes, the weighting of that sensor starts to reduce and the sensor is considered unoccupied until it sees motion again. Office: 256-428-1983 [email protected] Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:00pm. How do ecobee sensors work? Definition - For a given sensor, computed occupancy means a sensor is occupied if any motion was detected in the past 30 minutes. The Ecobee remote sensor is a simple plug and play device. First, you will get a long life remote sensor battery that could keep pushing for years and notify you when it runs low. ... How long do the lights stay on after a trigger? There had been some discussion in the ecobee users community about how long this actually took, and the answers ranged all over the place. The remote sensor data will only show computed occupancy, as does the thermostat. And can I change it? By default, your Ecobee takes temperature readings from all of its sensors and averages them out to come up with one temperature that it uses in order to decide to heat or cool your house down. HVAC AL #08093 REF AL #52466 Occupancy is measured roughly every 5 minutes, so the ecobee will not immediately go into Smart Home or Smart Away mode until the next 5 minute interval has been reached. ... Pet movement may be detected by the sensor and signal that the space is occupied. Smart Home and Smart Away are available on ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control, ecobee4 and ecobee3 out of the box. However, you can make it use only one sensor to do this. Manually Select Which Sensors to Use. Follow Me can be enabled once the SmartSensor, which is included with SmartThermostat with voice control, or the wireless Room Sensor, which comes with the ecobee3 and ecobee4, is paired with the thermostat. 200 Dan Tibbs Road NW Huntsville, AL 35806. Our trip to Disney was planned for the coming weekend and it was a Monday. The Ecobee Thermostats that you chose when adding Ecobee will appear in that Lutron home. The ecobee3 can calculate how long it will take to heat or cool your home from its current temperature to the desired target temperature. Apart from ecobee 3, there are other thermostats that support remote sensors. Ecobee SmartCamera review The Ecobee SmartCamera is the company’s first home security camera, and a good initial effort. That way, if you are scheduled to come home from work at 5:30 pm, the system can kick in before you get there. So I decided to call Ecobee support back and ask them what steps we needed to take? N.B. To add more to another home, add the Ecobee Thermostat as a device in that Lutron home. ... ecobee Smart Sensors. That’s better than I thought. The ecobee’s smart sensors make it unique among its competitors. RELATED: How to Manually Select Which Ecobee Sensor to Use. The thermostat will either read the specific temperature at a given region, for instance, the bedroom and use it to control the temperature or do the average of the readings at the remote sensor and on the main thermostat reading. By Mike Prospero 16 April 2020 Ecobee Support Was Awesome! The support representative that we spoke with kindly told me that they could ship me out a replacement and do an RMA. The remote sensor's temp capability is different as it can be refreshed every 3-5 minutes. Troubleshooting How long do ecobee sensors stay occupied?