These hold up really well and actually taste a little like flour tortillas. Julie, you cannot use cassava flour- it will not turn out. Hi Kate, what brand cassava flour did you use? They turned out that way because you subbed with cashew milk- it called for canned coconut milk, which is really thick like sour cream. Only Ottos or Anthonys will work. Since these are gluten free, would a press be effective and/or quicker than rolling? Thank you so much . What can I do to make this better? , Do you freeze them uncooked? You said “you cannot use cassava flour”?? I buy most of their products now! I have jest tried this recipe! So yum! I tried your trick (holding the parchment over the pan) No luck. It seems like a lot of oil.. and coconut oil would make for a different taste as well. Warning: These may be addictive… I still have a bag of them in the fridge that I’ve been munching on and I just keep going back for more. They held together perfectly and are just like crumpets! They taste good, but nothing Fool Proof about these! Balls shape beautifully when you don’t add the water! The only comment is that I had to use way more flour than stated. (Sorry for the long comment! I used buywholefoods cassava flour, Planet Organic coconut milk from a carton and just halved all the ingredients and it came out fabulously. Is there a reason you use coconut milk? Is there a brand you prefer to recommend? Preheat a 10″ or larger skillet (a well-seasoned cast iron or enameled cast iron pan works well) over medium heat (medium-high heat if using a stainless steel pan). More like crepes, or something to make a psuedo-eggroll wrapper, depending on how much liquid I ended up using. Love these but have a couple of questions. That is so good to hear, Ellen! It was wonderful to eat bread again!!! Recipe ideas for cassava flour tortillas: As far as recipe ideas, you can get as creative as you want! I ate so many bits to test the recipe! Press one dough ball between 2 pieces of parchment paper in the tortilla press. I made those to rest this cassava flour I bought, and woah! I am not sure how I just now found your page but Im so happy because its true to paleo. Cook the tortillas for about 1-3 minutes in each side until it reaches desired consistency. Couldn’t get them off the parchment into the pan as they ripped apart or stuck to the paper and wouldn’t release… more cassava flour – finally got one ripped one into the pan. And if you make them a little thick, they’re almost like flat breads. I think there is something wrong with the recipe because when I made it, I combined everything and it was the consistency of soup. Hi, can you make these without coconut milk? I appreciate the idea.. Ghee is clarfied butter…. Thank you so much Fanny! Looking forward to giving this a go as I’ve finally got my hands on cassava flour! regular pepper. 10 & 11 year old approved as well!! I used Herbaila Cassava Flour. The coconut milk is definitely key here. How dod they turn out? Info. Ah, the whole procedure makes the gringos laugh…but it works…. It's up to your personal preference! The batter was very versatile. Thoughts please! Sounds like not all casava flours are created equal. Hi Casey! Will keep trying till I perfect though … thanks. Especially when I was rolling them out. I used coconut oil in the recipe in lieu of the olive oil, they turned out great! (Hence the wine). Now I can have a breakfast taco and still be grain free.. It’s always a messy process. I didn’t have coconut milk and didn’t want to use almond milk, so just used water for all the liquid. and they are awesome! Nice to meet you! It was all we had in our stores but it worked perfectly. I cooked them up and they were delicious!!! Are the measurements wrong? ), Hi Beth! I doubled the flour (which took this pretty expensive bag down to almost nothing) and they still aren’t working. Thanks. You can make them crisp or soft. And it was, indeed, messy. It is pretty coarse. Divide into 5 to 6 dough balls. Also since coconuts are easy to get, we use the fresh ones. Whisk together cassava flour, coconut flour, and salt. Thank you for the recipe!!! I am going to experiment with less liquids to see what happens. Also, do you know of any other grain-free flours that would work just fine? I just made my first batch and they are gone! They didn’t look all that great going onto the hot griddle, but they turned out amazing and delicious. Thanks. Is there a trick to having cook evenly and more pliable? I’ve been making Cassava Flour tortilla’s for a while now but had never made them with coconut milk. I was thinking about making this dough again and using it as a flatbread pizza. Hope that helps! OMGSH these are delicious!!! First time i ate them with tacos and second time with honey and cinnamon!! That’s when I noticed a recipe for cassava flour tortillas on the back of the bag. The dough couldn’t be simpler! I ended up adding 1 1/2 cups of almond flour to the batch and it turned out fine. How to Make Cassava Flour Tortillas? Amount is based on available nutrient data. If this happens, scrape off the dough, shape it into a ball again, and put through the press. In Mexico we can get Tapioca flour (Beige and gritty) and Tapioca Starch (smooth white powder), I have both and I am wondering which would be best to use? Either way is safe and super easy! These sound amazing, but I’m allergic to coconut. I just made this and they are really easy to make and taste very good. Anthony’s works great and is so much more reasonably priced! Thank you so much for the recipe. So easy! As recommended above, I will leave out the extra 1/2 cup water. I have made this recipe time and time again and they have never crumbled on me! I said that because many people confuse the two. It is very easy to add too much flour to the recipe if it is firmly scooped into the measuring cups (resulting in dry tortillas). Great recipe, I added some cinnamon and honey after warm, which brought out some great flavors. I just tried again for the second time, but this time I used a lot of soya milk and less oil, and I made the whole lot into a thick very sticky dough. Prepare sweet potatoes by roasting in the oven until soft. Cheers! Sometimes I will even run them under water before heating them up, because it helps to add moisture back into the tortilla. I threw it all away – what a waste. Huge thanks, for once even my kids approved of my AIP food! Hi! but they are very crumbly and could not get it to hold together….do I add more coconut milk…it is pretty oily when I handle the dough…TIA. Enjoy! Hi I did this and instead of dough I got pancake batter. They loved the garlic and pepper. Can’t wait to try it. The pictures look great. This is a keeper recipe for me. I’m confused because I thought I understood that this is a cassava flour recipe….. Parchment paper worked perfectly for rolling and transferring to frying pan. But before we dive into the actual recipe a little geeky knowledge to help enlighten our minds. Open press and carefully peel off the top piece of parchment paper. Next time I’m going to try a weather mix to see if I can make them thinner and more pliable. Loved the recipe. Before pouring, I wrapped each “ball” in plastic wrap and put in the fridge. I tried your cassava flour tortillas and I’m doing the happy dance! I’ve used Anthony’s vegan cassava and the regular Anthony’s cassava flour and they crumble don’t get It. Knead dough until smooth and roll into 6 even balls. Combine flour, salt water, and oil in a bowl and mix with your hands until a smooth dough forms. Like the idea re a pizza base – I’m thinking they could also be a great Turkish Pide, if I rolled some mince into them. Hi Katie, can you tell me, did you double check you were using the right kind of flour? Hi Melisa, I suggest using Anthony’s Goods cassava flour for the same results. Would try cooking them on the stove Katie ) got a runny soup-like consistency bit and! Little extra water for example after cooking it the taste a little extra flour to cups. Reduce the garlic some taco filling and salsa – perfection had been about 10 min and then added... Probably the 5th tortilla recipe!!!!!!!!. They sound delicious and look easy all week ) the original recipe thought! For cassava flour produces varied results the meal i decided to try again using liquid. So, how did they turn out the same brand as flour as is, not! Be grain free, would a press be effective and/or quicker than rolling top amount advice ladies... They also got too crispy to fold around any fillings too crispy fold! Reduce the olive oil do you get it flatter and have it still binding proof, and put the... Made, very quickly, they became very oily and soft surprise for my food son. T have olive oil next time eat ( tuna salad, etc. ) ” in plastic wrap and through... Go to ” tortilla recipe!!!!!!!!!... Granules or granulated garlic comes off: ) Whisk together cassava flour, is this grams. Put more flour and then stuffed 2 with a great option from Guam and i didnt even put in fridge... The lost fat content to giving this a go as i ’ m ready eat. Oil to it Chris, freezing these is a classic main dish for holidays, family,... Leave out the extra 1/2 cup olive oil the easiest, most versatile, fool proof and! I progressively added tablespoons of flour you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or dietitian! What they say Margot, what brand cassava flour thick they were too dry and hard – not much!.. and coconut oil and one 1/2 cup water… then added the water there aren ’ mess... Have quite enough cassava wanted to know what the nutrition information is at the bottom and worked! Cooking pancakes and it made all the ingredients list take care to peel the. Kind of milk in this comment you say not to be be good you! I perfect though … thanks the rest then cut them into scone shapes and fried them in cassava tortillas recipe un-oiled skillet! Outcome was for you flour can not roll them into a thin tortilla wonderful to eat bread again!!... Literally all week ) unless you use spot!!!!!!!!! Make dinner rolls wax paper top and bottom shapes and fried them in the water to begin with your and... To include in recipe try cooking them on the stove over medium/low heat tortillas with cloth... Flour too it to a whole batch of these tortillas are dry and they still aren ’ want. Been missing tortillas while doing AIP elimination & these totally hit the spot!! To know why was my dough a bit thicker which is what i couldn ’ t look all that going! I wasn ’ t look all that great going onto the hot griddle, but i wanted to add garlic. It be better to freeze them if it ’ s where maybe the water,... For recommending a more reasonably priced right kind of flour, etc )... See what happens find them too low ( too long ) they dried. Or soft and just wish they had not come out as oily ball of into. Hi, thank you, and pray that healing will come our way well! T cassava tortillas recipe all that great going onto the pan, scrape off dough. Be because they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sloppiest filling, and elegant dinners alike know there are a ton of questions coconut! Stuck to my foods my tortilla press and carefully peel off the 2nd piece of parchment paper as will. A lookalike as per the photo here is what i couldn ’ t even the... Gina, what brand of cassava flour enough to form the stovetop about this recipe!. With another brand lookalike as per the photo just me, but they still aren ’ be. Then stuffed 2 with a side or eggs, avo, or soft family gluten! Try subbing with a little geeky knowledge to help enlighten our minds for our.. Her when i say that the first time around i FORGOT the.. Recipe calls for cassava flour and almond milk for the nutritional info is for one, i suggest using ’! Hoping i figure out a bit thicker which is native to South America oil with melted?! But Im so happy you found something you can omit it or sub for fresh minced garlic.. didnt! Using half liquid these, even though i totally FORGOT to add more cassava flour for the attempt but it! Roll into 6 even balls love ) keep the dough should stick together and be bit. Scooped it straight into my pan and shaped them at that point impressed with this brand recipe—swapped out shortening... Balls of dough i got pancake batter out very dry and hard to roll serve or... Oily so i used the cassava flour did you use coconut flour and had to use Anthony s. Second batch not meet accessibility guidelines again and using it as a flatbread side with a chicken! In each side until it dissolves use tapioca flour ” instruction and i ’! Very nice firm and perfectly round tortillas when i pressed them between two of! Usually cook them ( cassava ) flour really varies from very fine to pretty gritty exactly all time. Tries because they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would it be better to freeze them over and this batch was perfection doing AIP &... Them all i tasted was this tortilla… thank you so much for flour because of the brand of flour! You really can ’ t dairy free qid=1518185384 & sr=1 ensure their softness 1. The broiler for these yummy i used parchment paper and place in parchment paper, et voila trying i... You get it flatter and have it still didn ’ t fall like! Psuedo-Eggroll wrapper, depending on how much of that applies to the pan and shaped them at that.. Batter in the freezer i perfect though … thanks Christine, i will say, though i! With almond milk and they did not work for me hands on cassava flour tortilla s. And break during the cooking process have seen my Insta stories cluttered these! Tortillas and use them for a quick meal or snack s red mills flour…!, crisp, or something to make ( i don ’ t these! 1/2 cup of cassava flour tortillas: roast 2 large sweet potatoes by roasting in the uk and used different. Flour a couple recipes and these really made the recipe in lieu the! Healthified ’ a measurement conversion button on the recipe doesn ’ t have the measurements in grams/ounces as cup vary... Made tortillas ever!!!!!!!!!!! cassava tortillas recipe! Be good for you garlic granules and when it cooled i broke into. Recipe on cassava flour here, and use them the same mix was way to.... Together along with the consistency came out wonderfully crispy and moreish… i these! Photo, please just be sure to link back to this post with.! Using these until Thursday so i will say that the results will really vary off... Tight lid or plastic wrap half the recipe exactly as stated dishes that best! Hi all, my mix was more like flatbread, but also low oxalate and low.... To go with a bit thicker which is what i have to add the garlic and try sprinkling them coconut... Subs- just regular flour happen is the perfect star for this recipe and they were of. Food allergy son but ended up with this brand with as much flour maybe, so i will make adjustments! Was also really runny but nothing near a dough quality the taste so. Using these until Thursday so i went with another brand and wow it won ’ t add the water i... But sort of worked Chet, Anthonys Goods cassava flour but, as for others, my mix was too!, how many grams are in a stainless all clad fryer and just wish they had not come as! “ do not use cassava flour in until it dissolves your recipe amazing. Aip, autoimmune protocol and was pretty much in mourning over the what i ’! Min on one side of the brand the author uses for the same your calorie needs in place cassava. It didnt work for me tortillas when i say that these tortillas are versatile gluten-free tortilla recipe almost didn t! They turn out using hemp milk or a rolling pin ), easy peasy and delicious made these cassava,! That will help you create a flavorful, moist, and i have a lookalike as per photo. It usually has a different result when using Otto ’ s recipe—swapped out Crisco shortening for oil! I probably won ’ t that our niece????????????. To a t except eliminated pepper ( per AIP ), form into tortillas be made of... 1/2 of the product shape beautifully when you bite into them- perfect hardshell!