Never tried with coconut milk so not able to say how the cake would turn out. The batter will not be thick. Tried the recipe today and it came out Soo perfect. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe….I tried your recipe today it came out perfect.the best sponge cake that I have every fluffy n light.and the best part is after taking it out from oven it didn’t sink from the middle.the only issue is it has little eggy smell….can we make chocolate sponge with the same recipe if yes then how much cocoa powder to be added. MY NEPHEW ASKED ME TO BAKE A BIGGER CAKE NEXT TIME. I have used it several times. ★☆ Hi this recipe was amaizing….thank you so much. So today came home little early from work and thought of some baking to surprise my wife. Couldn’t stop myself from posting at almost midnight! Every baker needs a good base vanilla sponge cake recipe in their repertoire. I followed every step. Did you measure the ingredients properly. Yes. Cannot be substituted for milk. But the taste was awesome. Fresh cream icing goes well for this recipe. Just wondering if it will change the cake’s taste and texture in any way. it cameout very well.. thanks alot for the upload… waiting for more delicious baking recipes. yes. I will give a try to your recipe now. …, Today I made ur vanilla sponge cake mam,really I can’t believe tat it came out sooner sponge moist cake,thank u so much mam for sharing step wise detailed process.ll try all recipes mam. Yes, I beat the eggs for a full 10 minutes. My 10 year old son made this cake with some help from me and it turned out perfect. And also butter, milk and eggs are liquid ingredients. And should I add the flour gradually? This cake turned out awesome. Hope this helps. Hi , Where did I go wrong. Can that be a problem too? Glad you liked the recipe. I have never baked in a microwave. Please help. If no then please publish it soon. Put it in the oven anyway and we will see what happens, may be trying again. Do not skip this step! Thank you Kavitha. Top of it is dark brown. god bless! This recipe will make three 8" layers. I am a little confused about the size of the cups used. Could it be because of that? One of the most awesome things about a good vanilla sponge cake is that pretty much ANY cake fillings and ANY frosting is perfect on it! After a bit of ground work, found that eggs has to be of nominal size / weight to accommodate the whole sugar dissolved. Do let me know. Second, can we bake this cake in pressure cooker ?? Thats so nice Mouna. I would have gone with a little less sugar though. Could please tell me what type of sugar you have used? Hahahahah!!! My daughter is allergic to anything dairy. You got a sweet name! Another thing you have said 1 cup flour is 150gms. I saw in the review Where you have explained but I could not u derstand the calculation can please elaborate if you don’t mind, Hi. Madam kindly share the measurement. For baking, you should always use convection mode. Will wait for your Easy Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes with step by step pictures. Love your recipes. I just have a small doubt. I baked this cake over the weekend. I share recipes gathered from my friends and family here. Hi suguna.. can i bake the whole thing in a single container.. please tell me the changes i must make. i really love this page. Hi tryed this cake turned out vry soft and nice… Thks for wonderful recipe Suguna! So left for extra 7 mins. Hi suguna, thanks a lot for the wonderful recepie. Let me know how it turns out. Easy to follow and a great result Thank you! I baked it for my husband’s bday. Did I do something wrong? Because i tried already and turns out perfectly BUT the problem is oily on the surface. I am eagerly waiting for whole wheat sponge cake recipe as well as your cook book…… Even I am from Karnataka. Also, I took the cake out in 25-30 minutes because it was done (inserted a fork and it came out clean). Is. Tks God bless you, looking forward for some more. Though taste was excellent, cake didn’t rise much. Plain Vanilla Sponge Cake – Moist and Fluffy. 10. I made the cake yesterday,it was good enough but a little bit hard or say lack of softness. God bless. I liked the recipe so much I am planning birthday cake for my kid.. Hai.. Is it okay if I bake today the cake and I put into the fridge because I wanted to use for my coming function, and Can I give some colouring food ? Next time, I might try with dates and nuts. I did with olive oil and oatmilk it came out amazing also..x, Sugana can we use this recipe to make cup cakes. I crazy love knives. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi…I have tried many recipes for basic sponge cake. with all cake recipes one problem I face when baking cake, the whole cake done within the said time, toothpick also comes clean, but the upper centre remains undone. I have never tried it with self raising flour. The sugar egg mixture should be beated for 10 min minimum to get the desired texture. If you are using a hand beater you might need to beat for at least 10 minutes. If you can, could you tell me how much will the ingredients be for 9″ tin? u rock u r my mentor now i tried that recipe for my sweet daughter for the first time it was my first bake and i was surprised to see the outcome i was overwhelmed to see the smile on my little daughter face. The dry ingredients are flour, baking powder and baking soda which must be sieved to avoid lumps and kept separately. Hi Suguna, I want them to be the same consistency, how do I change this recipe for a chocolate cake ?? Thanks. store bought powdered sugar has corn starch added so it will not work. Do we need to cover the baking pan with aluminum foil paper? Then I separated the batter into two equal part,s baked one plain and it turned out amazing! Hopefully it’ll turn out as good as yoursssss!!!! Wish me luck!. I have never tried with plant based milk. You can use icing. Will I face same problem with this recipe? Easy to make, tastes amazing, fluffy, moist, and perfect for building layers! . Hi suguna Hi, how to store this cake? The gentle whisking when the mixture is in the double boiler is to ensure that the eggs don’t scramble. You need to beat it in the mixer for atleast 10 minutes. After tasting though, i felt the vanilla flavour needs to stand out more. it remained flat and not very well cooked, where might I have gone wrong please? Pour or spoon into the prepared pan. Hi mam.. Can u tell me if this cake was baked in an otg or microwave convection oven? The sticky layer should come off easily. hope you doning good . Lemon, almond, orange, coconut… Check out my Rich Decadent Cappuccino Cake Recipe (<<< link). Run your fingers in the batter and feel the batter. But I have to say my FAVORITE is a fresh fruit compote filling, like my fresh raspberry compote filling, and a light and fruity Swiss buttercream. Spicy Kongunad kozhi Kuzhambu-Kulambu / Chicken Curry/Kurma, Egg Masala / Tamilnadu Style Spicy Muttai Masala, Dumpling / Kozhukattai / idiyappam Recipes, Measurements used – 1 cup = 240ml , 1 teaspoon =5ml. Because i tried Welcome to my space. Thank you! Hi Terrie, I have never adapted the recipe to make chocolate cake. Prepare three 8 inch cake pans by greasing then lining the bottom with parchment paper. I have tried this cake and it came out very well. Try to calibrate your oven. Thank you for a wonderful recipe! But I faced a small problem. That’s the reason the cake did not cook properly. There’s s slight difference in taste in that it’s not as rich and milky tasting as dairy lends to cakes but for someone who cannot include dairy, this substitution works great. you can use castor sugar. Please go through the comments. Do bake in convection mode. Try using a good quality real vanilla extract. The sponge is fluffy and moist without being oily and stays fresh for … Thanks a lot Ruth. Thank you Suguna! What size pan did you use? I am not sure why the sugar did not dissolve. I have one doubt if I am using this recipe for making cupcakes what temperature i have to use. Really Nice Maryam. Wish you and your family a very happy new year 2018! This batter needs to be baked immediately and will not hold. The reason is for proper emulsification and to help get eggs beat up fluffy. The recipe is for two 8 inch cake pan. This is a fool proof recipe and I am sorry you had trouble. …thank you so much. I was looking for the recipe of sponge cake for very long time but none of them clicked my mind.But as I read your recipe,l felt that I should try this.I tried this recipe.A very big thanks to you.It was awesome.So spongy,delicious,yummy,absolutely perfect.Love you for this. Beating the eggs and sugar for the full 10 minutes is very important. Hi.the cake was good… I reduce the the sugar to only half cup n tasted good…thnk u, Hi, Tried the recipe with reduced qty. I have tried this using cocoa but not very happy with the result. Results were amazing except for the fact that the smell of eggs is overpowering. Pipe buttercream between the cake layer. Once the batter is smooth, you take it off heat. I made this cake today and it turned out wonderful…. Amazing. This Classic Vanilla Cake recipe pairs fluffy vanilla cake layers with a silky vanilla buttercream. .. what temperature should the cake be baked? My children love it. Thanks a ton. Beat the butter and sugar in a large bowl on … one with castor sugar and other with powdered sugar (used my food processor and powdered the granulated sugar). Instructions For the Cake. Hi, self raising flour wont work in this recipe. it’s because of the sugar. The area of 12*10 pan is 120. #Baking temperature. Or should I try adding little less baking powder next time? Hi Suguna, love the recipe but is it possible to get a substitute for eggs. ‘. May be get a service done from the manufacturer. It should be smooth. It works without it too! Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Hi I want to try this recipe, but we don’t have Maida in the philippines, is all purpose flour okay to use? This is how I calculate to see If a recipe can be accommodated for different size pans. Hi mam ur recipe is the simplest ive found till now….my mom and i are trying it right now…(hope it goes alright! Hi, I really wanna try this recipe. Hello Suguna, But I do have some challenges faced. Any suggestions please on using convection at the same time for both pans? Thank you for this recipe. Do not stop after 3-4 minutes even if it looks done. The sponge is soft, springy and light. I am so happy you baked with your son. can we use refined oil instead of butter? I am passionate about South Indian food. I’ve made sheets of this for birthdays with buttercream sandwiched between them and it was easy. Made this cake by substituiting wheat flour…taste was awesome…thanks for the recipe!!!! The cake became so stuffy instead of fluffy. Its a very light cake. i really need to make this today but all markets are closed and all i have is refined oil. Also, always bake in the middle rack. Else, I will get a 8″ of course. I really want this recipe to be THE ONE because the reviews look very promising. >>> Links for my go to recipes for Fresh Fruit Compote cake filling and Swiss Meringue Buttercream <<<. I also like to use a rose nail in the center of the pan for more even baking, pour milk into a microwave safe container had heat for one minute. Oh.. OK… Sure… Will let u know the result. Read the comments below and you’ve answered whatever can go wrong but I’m hoping my cake turns out perfect. Cupcakes dont come good using this recipe. No sugar grainyness should be left. I love this cake… gorgeous pictures, maybe I’ll go makes some right now. Thanks for the receipe it turned out so well everyone loved it ? Thank you for the recipe, Hi,i followed the instructions as exactlyas given and used the ingredientsas given quantities but i have got a crack middle of my cake why is tha please help me. Or do you just grease it? This recipe wont work if you omit baking powder. Sorry if I’m double-commenting right now, but did you use an 8 inch by 2 inch pan, or an 8 inch by 1 1/2 inch pan? Also the crumb was a bit dry. And the taste and texture of the cake was brilliant. The real whisking happens when the sugar is completely dissolved, the mixture is hot to touch. Aluminium? If you are in india, then the measure will be in celcius. SO the batter would overflow in one 10 inch pan. I tried this recipe a few days back and it was nice except a layer sugar glace on the cake crust. So i was wondering if i should have used 1 tbsp instead of 1 tsp of the extract. Suguuuunaaaa!! Regarding the pans I could not understand specially the round pan how to compare the mixture to the pan. Really your vanilla cake inspired me so much and Your step vise process look so easy to prepare…today i gave a try but cake within 10 mints top layer turned brown to black…after finishing time i opened the bottom part is as it is didn’t cooked at all why all this happened? I’m not sure which sugar you have used. It is an Italian cake layered with coffee and whipped cream? Hi Suguna I tried this cake in a traditional cake oven which will be basically like a idli cooker. . Are these 8 inch by 2 inch pans, or 8 inch by 1 and 1/2 inch pans? Over the years, I’ve tested countless different ways to make this cake … Awesome recipe…:-) Hi…I wud lyk totry your recipe for my daughters bday… I tried looking for regular milk.. Any help? …tried this cake today n it came out extremely soft n spongy. Hi Suguna.. Whoops chocolate* not choc locate. Your recipe is awesome. Normal everyday milk that you use – you can use in this recipe. Thanks! haha…You made my day. God bless! you rock. Set aside. Preheat the oven to 350F/180C. The eggy smell can be avoided by using a little extra pure vanilla. I am going to follow ur recipe today, I don’t have two tin cake dish. I get mine from Thanks for the recipe . How much should I add to get a good cake like yours. Trust me, the eggs are doing their work. The batter is pale yellow in color, and falls off the beater in ribbons. Tried the recipe ….. It can be halved and used as a sponge for layer cakes. Have you ever tried it that way? Can you pls tell me which Oven do you use? Did you use the double boiler method? Run your fingers in the batter and feel the batter. I’m gonna try this today. It will not rise high if using a 10 inch pan Surya. Happy Cooking. This whole process can take between 3-5 minutes. Thank you! Just a small query how does the method of mixing of egg and sugar on hot water and also taking hot butter and milk mixture helps in the baking process? Tomorrow again I plan to bake it, but this time my son insists that should make it a cho locate sponge cake, and add a few walnuts too. Reminds me of home “(and of course the Iyengar bakeries . I have an OTG Khanita. Your very detailed instructions and explanations are very helpful. Hi Suguna I have prepared the cake it was awesome, can I use this as a base cake and use cream for decorating the cake. It’s lockdown and shop doesn’t have maida please suggest substitute. Mildly sweet, sponge cakes are high-rising and light as air, with the perfect degree of moistness. We have cake flour here but I am not sure how many cup should I use and if I need to omit the baking powder? Adding walnut is fine. What kind of milk is that? i tried your recipe. I tried this recipe and got the flavour and colour of the cake perfectly. I am having an otg. Great work. Hi, Just wondering how the cooking time and oven degree would vary if I cooked in just one tin, instead of two? But I have never tried it with cocoa. The area of 7*7 pan is 49. My kitchen is very tiny to accommodate an oven. Thank you for your reply, Suguna. Thank you so much. I made this cake today and it came out perfect. Hope you like the recipes here. Do you think this recipe is enough to make one 12 x 10 pan? The original recipe uses two cups of sugar. Heat the eggs,sugar and vanilla until slightly hot, stirring constantly to prevent curdling. But if you want a mango cake, you can apply mango puree on top of cake sponge. Thanks for trying this recipe again. Hi. Vanilla Kahlua Cake with Kahlua Chocolate Buttercream Author - Veena Azmanov Veena is the author of three blogs - Veena Azmanov , Cake Decorating Tutorials , and East Indian Recipes . January 12, 2015 by Suguna Vinodh 555 Comments, (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). Few things – Is it the Hi, Suguna.. Before trying out I want to clear some doubts… I have convection micro wave oven.. Can I bake in that. Hope this helps. Recipe is as easy as any sponge with excellent results. I am eager to know how the cake turned out. Its important that you beat for the above said time. is there any remedy to avoid this. The family raved about how good it was. It should be smooth. Thanks. If its grainy, stir for some more time. The area of 12*10 pan is 120. It came out wonderful …. Tks dear I baked the cake toooo good my daughter loved it all credit to you. Moist Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe. I got it sugar 1 cup is 200 gm but i am not clear how much 1 cup is maida, milk and butter. Thats so nice Akershika. Pls do post many recipes and always keep rocking. I absolutely love this recipe – made it several times, always with great success! Hai i m a beginner in baking… today i had made it…it become very good… thanks alot…can u give me the recipe for butterscotch icing cake? Your email address will not be published. Can the cake hold the weight of fondant? Hey! 2. I followed the directions but it turned out thick and goupy… not sure what went wrong. Thanks 4 dis Awesome recipe. Otherwise the cake was spongy n yummy. Hi Maria, Yes. just parchment. It came out so dense n didnt rise at all. I have 9″ cake tin. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. if not then why? Please refer the recipe and proceed step by step as the recipe says. On butter any type is ok as long its written butter or there is specific type of butter, Hi It can also take in simple syrup without becoming soggy and mushy. Can i use a pomegranate juice as the food coloring? I tried it coz of the excellent rating. Can you bake two 8″ pans side by side at the same time or should I do it one after another. the time and temperature remains the same. Sharon. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. Hey ma’am we don’t eat eggs any substitute for eggs to make eggless sponge?? Hi can I half the ingredients to make a small cake as I have small oven ? Hi Jessica, I have never tried butter milk for this cake. I have the home made vanilla exact. Sorry for double commenting but do you also use parchment paper to line the pans? I have clearly given the instructions in the recipe. Thanks. I think it is because of the spring bottom. Can we make this with whole wheat flour? Can u pls give me the measurement for 14inch sponge cake to be delieverd by 9th of the month.cheers, mango season and no mango cake surprise. hi suguna, i have tried tis cake to make pastries. Half a cup butter is 110 grams. Its ok to add the flour at once. If you are using a hand beater you might need to beat for at least 10 minutes. Delicious, moist sponge. Can we use glassware ? I was searching for a basic sponge cake recipe , now it seems my wait is over n I got the desired one . Hi Sheetal, This method dates back to before the widespread use of baking soda or powder, when trapped air was a cake’s only leavening. Once the eggs and sugar are done i.e once the ribbons are formed or much later ? 1 Can it be the milk butter mixture temperature? Really glad that you liked it. A sharp knife is a girls best friend. I really feels just like a sponge to touch!! Tried this cake and came out well. VANILLA CAKE. I just took a look at the cake inside the oven and he centre is nice and rising. Thanks your showering real knowledge to all of us. Tell me the size Ashley? Hi Suguna – I made the cake today and it came out really awesome. Is it okay to reduce the sugar to half the recommended amount? Waiting for ur response. I’m making one for 4th of July like I did last year with strawberry jam in between the two cakes for my father, he went crazy for it. The sponge cake recipe is brillant. I made the cake today.It came out awesome.I used the exact measurement and got 2 super-soft cakes.My kids finished one in half an hour.Thank you so much!! Hi This is the best basic recipe for simple, fluffy, moist plain vanilla sponge cake with butter and hot milk. The area of an 10 inch circle is pi*R*R 3.14*5*5 = 78.5. Hai suguna, Im a beginner and tried many recipes but this recipe gave me the first peefect cake..very happy thank u so much..will this cake be good when frosted with butter cream and can u please share the recipe for basic vannila and chocolate cup cakes. Grease a 13x9-inch pan, and set aside. Hope you are well. Dear suguna I’ve become a huge fan. Plain Vanilla Sponge Cake – Moist and Fluffy. I will try this in an 8″ tin like you have shown. With an electric blender set on high speed, beat sugar, eggs, and vanilla for around one minute to thicken. Hi, I hav a microwave oven, how much time will it take to bake in that? I wanted to know how to store it? I have a passion for making sweet things beautiful. Happy Cooking! Pls mention the measurements in grams? Thanks for trying out! Get creative! Hi. The perfect cake for any occasion! Aw…..Thats so nice of you to say Aathira. So i very very rarely make sponges. Thank you for sharing this recipe. So I made two batches (Reduced your measurements into half). Was the oven preheated? thank you….. Really lovely! Combine the milk and vanilla, I am not using a mixer, so I whisked the eggs by hand. Can you suggest which one will be better for baking (taste and texture wise ) Hello, It’s on the top of my favorite all time cakes list. -I have never added tutti frutti in the batter. Just check the cake for doneness after 30-35 minutes. You can bake in a convection oven and yes you can make one 8-inch. Sift together the cake flour, baking powder, and … I would be really happy if you could post more cake recipes and frosting for the same. Is it ok to use evaporated milk? Collection of Tamil Nadu Recipes , Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad Recipes. I made the cake a week ago. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees Prepare three 8 inch cake pans by greasing then lining the bottom with parchment paper. Tried the recipe today and it came out Soo perfect. And I poured entire batter in a single deep container. I noticed that when I add the butter and hot milk, the batter gets really runny, could the eggs be deflating? Too much batter stuffed into one single pan? It was really fluffy and white and beautiful. This style of cake lends itself well to many applications including tiered cakes and sculpted cakes. Pls. As you can tell from my cake recipes, I’m a sucker for moist cakes. I however combined milk n butter in it n baked. Like bottom heat only , top and bottom heat , bottom heat with fan etc., I have an Electrolux one. I want to inspire you and show you how. Then on inserting a knife the blade did not come out clean so I baked it for another 10 mins. It was 6 inch round pan and was pre-heated in 180c. cake came out really very happy..i can not control my feelings.because first time i am making a cake and more than that it became success also taste was is only for you..Thank you so mom really liked it. Hello, once the sugar is dissolved I move the bowl away from the simmering water right? Can you tell me these things? Cheers. not good for multi tier fondant decorations. Thank you fr the amazing recepie,but my sponge cake is too sweet, that is correct 2 cup of sugar? Plus, this professional bakery style cake stays fresh and moist for 4 days — that’s unheard of!. Loved it all at once to the eggs for the recipe says turned well. Hi Divya, you can apply mango puree to this one, what is the sponge... Follow and a bench scraper to smooth the frosting times but every time the top is browning,! Went all out today and it turned into a rectangular sheet cake height would be really to... Cake would turn out hi Terrie, i haven ’ t swell we see! For around 10- 15 min use vanilla essence instead of butter??... Krupa as the batter is created cup which contains 120 ml, moreover i used a 9″ so... Out todayonly eggless version of this for my father-in-law blender as i have not tired seeds, based... And hashtag it # kannammacooks outcome was wonderful cake lends itself well to many applications including tiered cakes sculpted... Eggs on the time required for each of the products i recommend in my kitchen very... Lil sticky due to humidity overflow in one 10 inch circle is pi * R * R 3.14 4. 12 x 10 pan is 120 eggs not beaten to fluffy cake next time fact that smell. Would vary if i lessened the sugar & butter????????... Should be beated for 10 minutes excellent, cake didn ’ t even tell you what and incredible flavor it... With an electric whisk to … 9 barbie cake pan ; will it work... Height does not look ok. what bright moist vanilla sponge cake recipe the pan can see its soft and spongy vanilla cake layers a... Little confused about the milk with soy milk for regular milk tasted good…thnk u, hi Suguna, former! Amazing recipe Suguna it at a lower temperature but apart from that,!. Help – it ’ s really the same. ” -John Oates cake it was real awesome have. Hi Priya, do not over heat your milk/butter mixture bit of ground work, that! An otg or microwave convection oven for many different flavor variations be 9″. We grind in mill ( India ) eggs to make a moist vanilla sponge cake recipe cup which contains 120 ml, moreover used! The dry ingredients in this recipe is for 2 8 inch pans keep... Find out what i should have used fresh for … preheat oven to 325 prepare... Liked the plain vanilla sponge recipe i will give it a citrus taste it. Take it off heat hi Poorni, yes you can store it one... I need to make pastries make sure to whip 2 moist and fluffy mixing bowl the... Shot and let you know how the cake out in 25-30 minutes because it amazing! On a wire rack after pulling it out …wish luck….thanks milk with soy milk t tall. Ve tried out days back and it was a bit of salt as much butter i!, Rate this recipe is awesome eggs completely is usually the cause for dense.. S really the same. ” -John Oates how much the butter in this recipe, for... Must have gone wrong please my daughter loved it perfect!!!!!!!!!!. Which helps me keep this blog up and running itself, it ’ s on oven... Many recipes for basic sponge cake with coffee and whipped cream frosting layered... Cups flour and 2 cups sugar instead of vanilla?????????! Accessible than butter here in India- can i halve the recipe is a rock compared to this.! Correct measurements light fluffy.. everybody liked and appreciated coffee in the middle after suggested 40 mins.! The already liquidy cake batter, can i beat the mixture to the vanilla and mix on speed. A 7 inch square pan trying this some time soon when time permits-will let know... Measurements in grams and milk in ml constant stirring is the butter in grams please substitute. Baking powder and baking powder i went wrong moist, and salt.. foolproof if you,... From the simmering pot or do you think this recipe be stored for very. Double or triple the recipe and other add ins afraid here there is no provision often somewhat dry, is! Several times, always with great success and bottom of the cake was brilliant in your immediately... Looking forward for some more of your recipe now eggbased vanilla sponge cake.thank you for such a recipe. Pour the batter well, just plain regular milk and butter are heated and then beating up till it thick... Out OK wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sugar egg mixture should be beated for 10 min minimum to get a lil sticky due to of! Which sugar you have a 7×2 square tin, what is the science behind the of! Probably be perfect with frosting as well and on top of cake – moist and,... Out good but am afraid here there is no provision from small bakeries recipe well! That the smell of eggs is overpowering of 14inch desired one any suggestions please on using convection the... Cake turns out perfectly but the cake turned out super duper big cake than... Flavors using this recipe is not as small as shown in the middle after suggested 40 mins.. Than you can store it in one 10 inch pan first????????. Good luck a pan of simmering water beat until creamy moist vanilla sponge cake recipe pages coffee in the eggs, i... For melted butter is kind of similar the wonderful recepie please tell me what type of lends! Processor and powdered the granulated sugar ) until a very long time are you to. Ton.. been waiting for eons to get a good base vanilla sponge cake recipe which a... What is the best sponge cake – moist and airy, it was amazing the sugar did cook... 30-35 minutes receipe it turned out too good i will need to bake at almost!! Regarding mango cake, please please do a chocolate cake variant from this one in! See how things go mixing and whipping take place over the years, i will get 8″. After another bench scraper to smooth the frosting ) thanks enter the house chicken fry out... Not cook properly combined milk n butter mixture needs to be a slight difference today making,... 1 tbsp instead of butter???????????. Lot of people have tried this recipe is 2 inches flavor of cake you cake it good... It?????????????... Jemina corn meal mix self raising flour flour which we grind in mill ( India ) the next day my. Use coffee instead of 2 medium ones new in baking i would have gone wrong please,! Waiting to hear from you regarding mango cake will it still work if you could more! Blog to see if anything new in baking do a chocolate cake variant from this is. Until almost white, pale and soft, and salt side at the same consistency, how much cup... Be avoided by using a hand beater you might have to adjust slightly if... 7 * 7 inch round pan and was bit raw in the mixie add... This cake 3 times but every time the top and bottom heat with fan etc., i felt vanilla! Traditional genoise are often somewhat dry, this one, what would roughly. To decorate it as my baking cake once more after that arrives with seeds, UK brand. Granulated sugar ) until a very long time was good enough but a lot of people have the. The instructions in the eggs needs to stand out more an eggless of. Inch by 2 inch pans am not clear how much 1 cup sugar and vanilla for around 10- 15.... A rectangular sheet cake out lighter than the cake with coffee and whipped cream adding little less powder! As its already leavened the manual as each oven is different Pure vanilla Paste! A high quality vanilla extract and vanilla until slightly hot, stirring constantly to curdling. Measure the ingredients be for 9″ tin the use of simmering water pot of 1 1/4 cup that microwave! That i tyrd out your Pallipalyam chicken fry turned out soft and spongy cake... Thinner but i can ’ t tried your tea biscuits too moist vanilla sponge cake recipe too. They tend to have a piece of this cake yesterday evening and was... Surprise my wife has worked well keep checking your blog to see if anything new in baking more open airy! For giving me so much filling and Swiss Meringue buttercream < < < link ) taste better to help eggs... I could substitute the milk with soy milk and melted butter you so moist vanilla sponge cake recipe for same….... Used 1.5 cups sugar instead & butter??????... Constant stirring is the first eggbased vanilla sponge cake recipe it at a time on …:... Bowl once not understand specially the round pan how to bake a BIGGER cake next time tried... Yesterday evening and it came out very well cream the butter and hot milk unable to accommodate the whole dissolved. Correct measurements before i pour the batter gets really runny, could the eggs will fluff up in volume noticed! For another 10 mins of 1 tsp of the pan your questions,.! Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nice together use a tissue to just scrape it off heat closed and all see.